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September 27, 2022

A good foundation is half the battle, claims Dutch food start-up Soupy. And as every professional cook will
testify, quality always tastes better. For Soupy, its slow-cooked stock is the company’s secret sauce to success
and unsurpassed taste. To support this quality focus, the fresh soup manufacturer opted for the very best
inspection ingredient – a Raptor Combi from Fortress Technology.

Leaving nothing to chance, including quality control and dosing, local manufacturer Jansen Control Systems
introduced Soupy to the Raptor Combi. A checkweigher and metal detector in one, the award-winning system
fulfilled the IFS and BRC requirements from day one of production for the ambitious new food producer.

Despite its early start – Soupy was only founded at the end of 2021 – the Soup with a Smile brand is gaining fast
attention across Europe. Already stocked on the shelves of two retail chains in The Netherlands, preliminary
talks are already underway with potential stockists in Belgium. Professional from the start with a mission to
“provide a fresh and healthy alternative to canning”, one thing Soupy doesn’t lack is the ambition to make a

Director Jan Schipper explains: “Ask any cook, the basis for a good soup is a good stock. If you let delicious fresh
vegetables steep overnight and cook them slowly, you retain all the fibres, minerals and vitamins and get a
purer and more natural taste. Without any e-numbers or flavour enhancers.”

Fulfilling IFS and BRC standards from the start

Located in Oud Beijerland, the 100% natural soup brand instantly established its production protocols to meet
the requirements set by IFS and BRC. It meant an extra step in quality control for Schipper.

Although the large stainless steel soup kettles pose little risk, the start-up wanted assurance that no metal
contamination could end up in its soups. Simultaneously, the company also wanted to ensure that customers
receive the volume of soup promised to them. The Raptor checkweigher contained within the small footprint
system verifies that the filling machine is dosing correctly.

Soupy approached Jansen Control Systems to arrive at the best value technical solution. “Good cleanability was
a basic requirement. Electronics, sensors … they can be sensitive to water, but we still need to be able to clean
the machine and belt perfectly, while everything continues to work as it should,” Schipper summarises.

A fully integrated metal detection and checkweighing system, the Fortress Raptor Combi delivered on all
counts. Engineered following the acquisition of Sparc Systems by Fortress, the combination of their strengths
has resulted in the Raptor machine series that stands out for its robust design, weighing range up to 8 kg,
user-friendly HMI and easy cleaning conveyor to maintain perfect hygiene.

Value added support

In addition to meeting the Raptor promise of the best price-to-performance and quality ratio, the fully
integrated software ensures that every Code of Practice is met. Enabling Soupy to adhere to IFS and BRC

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