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Fortress has become the preferred supplier of high quality metal detection machines to Lewis Pies Ltd.

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Competitive pricing, simplicity and effectiveness of its products and excellent customer service were all cited as reasons why Fortress Technology (tel: 01295 256266 or visit has become the preferred supplier of high quality metal detection machines to Swansea-based Lewis Pie & Pasty Company.

Technical Manager at Lewis Pies, Kim Lewis, explains: “We felt that the initial consultation given to us by Phil Brown from Fortress was very informative, and particularly emphasised how simple the company’s detectors are to use. We had met with other companies whose machines seemed to be a lot more complicated to operate as well as being more expensive, so it was an easy decision to make in the end and we ordered four units, which were tailored to our requirements.

Kim continues: “At Lewis Pies we are always aiming for higher standards and installing reliable metal detectors was a must to give us 100 per cent assurance that the products we provide are safe.”

Fortress constructed four bespoke machines for Lewis Pies, two of which are ‘in foil’ systems fitted at the end of pie machines, and two of which are being used in packing departments.

Kim, whose husband’s family has been manufacturing pies, pasties sausage rolls, rissoles and other savoury products since 1936, says: “The machines are very easy for our operators to use as well as being reliable. Plus we have excellent service back-up from the technical team at Fortress in the event of any difficulties.

Kim concludes: “From the initial consultation through to manufacturing, installing and operating the machine Fortress has been excellent. We are delighted with the  machines and all the staff who operate them have not once stated that they are difficult

to use. As a company we feel confident that we are providing the customer with a safe product assured that any possible metal contamination is detected prior to dispatch.”

Established in the UK since 1999, Fortress Technology is backed by skilled in-house design, technical and consultancy teams, a growing distributor network, and European customer service and support. The company offers high quality spare parts, flexible warranty packages, training, product testing and rental units.