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 In order to ensure the most prompt assistance, kindly have your metal detector’s serial number available prior to calling.  For help finding the location of the serial number on your system, please see the guide to serial number locations.


At Fortress Technology, we’ve built our reputation on providing the highest standards of customer service in the industry. There are no set service plans or contracts – you simply receive our best, most efficient response whenever you require our help. To back-up our outstanding products, we provide unrivaled before, through and after sales support.

Before Sales


Our team at Fortress Technology will help you find the perfect solution for your metal detection needs. Let our team of our advisors use their expert skills and experience to help you find the right metal detection solution for your industry and application.
If you are looking for advice on a metal detection solution, please contact us today.

Product Testing
Fortress’ in-house technicians offer a free analysis on your product to help establish an achievable and consistent sensitivity specification. At the end of the testing, we’ll provide you with a report outlining the parameters of what you’ll be able to detect.

Interceptor Product Testing – The Test You Will Want To Take
Custom Designed Metal Detectors
As well as supplying a wide range of metal detectors for standard industrial applications, Fortress Technology also custom builds systems to suit your product and process to achieve the best sensitivity. This flexibility allows us to provide unique solutions that meet the needs of all of our customers, regardless of application or industry.

Contact Fortress Technology now to discuss your particular needs.

Through Sales

Outgoing QC

Fortress Technology’s dedicated Electronics team puts every detector through a demanding final QC process before shipping to ensure your system will work flawlessly upon arrival.

Start-Up – Commissioning Your New Metal Detector
An expert representative from Fortress will be on-hand to oversee the complete installation and setup of your metal detector, ensuring the system is calibrated and adjusted to meet your product application. We won’t leave until you’re satisfied!

At Fortress Technology, we understand the importance of providing training to our customers to ensure they are able to operate their systems properly. As part of our service, we provide initial operator training during the commissioning of our systems as well as specific certified training for your quality control personnel, operators or engineers as required. Our operator training video is a great tool to have on hand, you can view it here.
Please contact us today to arrange for training at your facility.

After Sales

Preventative Maintenance Check

Fortress Technology’s team of certified metal detection engineers provide servicing and Quality Audits to all of our customers, ensuring your equipment is fully serviced, calibrated and in good working order.
To book a service appointment for your Fortress Technology metal detector, please contact us to arrange a convenient time for us to visit your site.

Due to the requirements of government regulations, HACCP and large buyers, you may require a certificate to validate the proper functionality of your metal detector. Fortress Technology’s field specialists will provide you with an on-site Certificate of Calibration to help ensure you meet your auditor’s requirements.

Rental Equipment
In the rare event something happens to your detector, Fortress offers readily available, in-stock rental units to help you continue running until your detector is fixed.

Spare Parts
As part of our Never Obsolete Commitment, Fortress stocks all the spare parts and consumables that our customers may require, so you never have to wait long for a repair or replacement part. Please contact our Parts Department for all of your spare parts, consumables and test sample requirements.

How To Test a Metal Detector System