The portable and compact Phantom Laboratory Metal Detector is used offline to further examine rejected product from an in-line Large Bag or Gravity detection system. The Lab unit enables you to quickly filter out the metal contaminants and reclaim good product. Additionally, by isolating the contaminant QA can then determine the source of the problem and initiate corrective action.

Phantom Laboratory detectors use precision Digital Signal Processing Technology to detect ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel contaminants. Available in either stainless steel or aluminum construction, an extra rugged casing is utilized for increased stability and performance in harsh environments. The Phantom’s high quality build and straightforward interface enhances ease of use for the operator.

Renowned for their superior accuracy and reliability, Phantom Laboratory Metal Detectors act as essential Critical Control Points in HACCP systems, effectively identifying and rejecting potential contamination.


  • Core DSP: Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology provides unparalleled precision, speed, and detection results
  • UltraSense: Maintains high sensitivity levels to detect the smallest metal contaminants
  • Auto Test ensures consistent performance and saves costs
  • Automatic Calibration at the touch of a button
  • Intuitive User Interface Provides dedicated shortcut keys
  • Flash RAM Memory technology prevents information loss
  • Robust Modular Design for fewer product parts results in greater reliability