We are more connected than ever, with new technology constantly evolving to meet the demands of today’s world. Industry 4.0 has made the ‘smart factory’ possible, where computers communicate with each other in real-time without the need for human intervention. A by-product of these technological advances is immense amounts of data and information. Food manufacturers need a way to effectively manage and analyze large volumes of data from their production lines.

To ensure our customers are at the top of their game, Fortress Technology has developed unique communication-enabling software that enhances the Industry 4.0 experience. By leveraging Contact communication technologies and Contact Reporter Software with Fortress Technology metal detectors, data is readable, meaningful, and meets application specific and due diligence requirements.

Enabled by the Internet of Things, machine sensors at every step of the process provide us with constant feedback, allowing us to track equipment performance remotely and with high accuracy. These networked machines assist us in identifying maintenance needs in real-time, addressing performance issues and ultimately improving product quality. Digitization of routine processes and procedures reduce human error, provides manufacturers with traceability that meets compliance guidelines and makes comprehensive reporting measures possible.

We believe Fortress Technology’s communication systems reflect the vision our company was built on: simple operation, outstanding reliability and exceptional performance. Explore our Communication and Reporting options, and we will work with you to drive immediate efficiencies for your business.

image of a usb key Standard Data Capture and Reporting image of interconnected of circles depicting data integration Data Integration in Automated Facilities