The Phantom IP69K certified Stainless Steel Pipeline system detects metal contamination in pumped liquids and pastes conveyed through its non-metallic pipe. The extra-rugged BSH casing enables the system to withstand the harshest production environments. Pipe material options include nylon, rubber, and Teflon wrapped pipe for higher pressure / temperature applications.

The Diverter Valve reject system is typically used to divert contaminated product from the flow. A test ball insertion/ retrieval kit is offered as an option with Pipeline systems, allowing for ease of manual testing.


  • Core DSP: Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology provides unparallelled precision, speed, and detection results
  • UltraSense: Maintains high sensitivity levels to detect the smallest metal contaminants
  • Auto Test ensures consistent performance and saves costs
  • Automatic Calibration at the touch of a button
  • Intuitive User Interface Provides dedicated shortcut keys
  • Flash RAM Memory technology prevents information loss
  • Robust Modular Design for fewer product parts results in greater reliability