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COVID-19: Support Update

By March 31, 2020No Comments

Dear Fellow Key Workers,

As you know, the World Health Organisation has declared a public health emergency of international concern with the outbreak of COVID-19, known as Coronavirus. We understand that we are working within difficult times, but you are not alone.

We’re here to help.

Fortress Technology take our responsibilities very seriously to ensure that our food and pharmaceutical customers are fully supported during this time of need. We have ensured that contingency planning is in place to mitigate any potential effect on you.

We know that there is a huge demand on ensuring food and medical supplies are available to the public, and so production will increase.
• We have a range of different size metal detectors in stock that can be delivered to you swiftly
• We are here for any bespoke requests

We’re listening and we’re here to help. Email:

Customer Service:
• We understand that with the increase in production, you may require technical support over the phone, email or skype
• During this busy time you may also require a Service Engineer on your site premises

We’re here to help. Email:

Spare Parts:
We have seen that our customers are being sensible by obtaining spare parts for their machinery to minimise downtime.
• We have a wide range of spare parts for you

We’re here to help. Email:

We can also be contacted as usual via our normal number 01295 256266.
As we are all essential businesses, we have a responsibility, and our responsibility is that we are here to help you.

Together we will get through this.

Sarah Mahony
Chief Operations Officer