Web/ Surface

For wide thin products such as textiles and paper

Web metal detectors are designed for the inspection of wide, thin products that are often sheeted or on a roll or web.Units are typically installed within the production process to protect cutting machinery from the potential damage caused by metal contaminants. For very wide applications, the detector may be divided into “Multiscan” sections to assist the operator in retrieving the contaminant.


Freefall – Bulk

For loose freefalling products such as powders and grains

Gravity metal detectors are the ideal incorporation into existing systems where bulk product, such as flour, rice and cereal, is free falling. The product under test is gravity-fed through a pipe system and travels through the detector’s aperture.Gravity systems typically include an automatic reject system to remove contaminated product from the flow, ensuring product that only the highest quality product is packaged for distribution.



For a wide variety of packaged / unpackaged products

Fortress Metal Detectors use a robust rectangular head to scan products transported through the aperture via a conveyor belt in food processing and packaging applications. For installation convenience and maximized system performance, Fortress offers the complete all-in-one detection solution with an integrated Vector Conveyor system.Standard detectors are available in a wide range of aperture sizes or made-to-order with a selection of construction options including painted aluminum, stainless steel, and BSH extra-rugged casing.


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